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Annual Adult Canine Wellness Packages

Here at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital, the health of your pet is our greatest concern. We are pleased to offer comprehensive wellness packages to facilitate wellness care for the next year of your dog’s life.



  • Comprehensive Wellness Exam
  • Canine Distemper Vaccine
  • Canine Rabies Vaccine
  • 1 Intestinal Parasite Screen
  • Screening for Heartworm disease
  • Pedicure
  • Resort Savings Plan

Total Cost = $220


Core Plus


  • Comprehensive Wellness Exam
  • Includes distemper, leptospirosis, rabies and bordatella as deemed appropriate by the veterinarian.
  • Lyme Vaccine
    *1 vaccine only, if booster required there will be an additional charge*
  • Influenza Vaccine
    *1 vaccine only, if booster required there will be an additional charge*
  • 1 Intestinal Parasite Screen
  • Wellness Blood Test – includes screening for kidney function, liver function, glucose and protein levels.
  • Screening for Heartworm and Tick borne diseases including Lyme
  • Pedicure at Wellness Exam
  • Resort Savings Plan

Total Cost = $299 (Discount $118.75)


Everything in Core Plus and the following:

  • Second exam in six months
  • Second fecal in six months
  • Total Health Profile – includes screening for kidney & liver funcion, Glucose, protein levels and checking the thyroid level. (This is a much more Comprehensive screening than the wellness bloodwork and also includes a urinalysis)
  • We are adding a 2nd Total Health to comprehensive plans (With the 2nd exam in 6 months)

Total Cost = $380 (Discount $232.87)

**Services are a part of a discounted package and cannot be refunded if not performed within a year of the initial wellness visit.  Wellness packages may not be cancelled and benefits may not be transferred to another dog.

Resort Savings Plan – One Year Package!

10% off the following resort services:

**Bathing – Includes Pedicure and Ear Cleaning (For agreeable canines)

**Boarding – Indoor Runs and Private rooms

**Daycare – $25.00